The substance had been wrapped in black plastic. / sur

Police arrest a 78-year-old for transporting drugs between Extremadura and Andalucía

A search of the vehicle he was driving revealed 19,900 grammes of a substance wrapped in black plastic


A 78-year-old man has been arrested for drug trafficking in an operation carried out by several different police forces.

The investigation began when officers in Cáceres spotted the man driving a car; he was well-known to them for transporting drugs, so they decided to follow him. He headed off in the direction of Seville and then towards the Campo de Gibraltar, in Cadiz province, and Malaga, so the officers alerted their colleagues in La Línea de la Concepción and the Udyco specialist squad in Fuengirola and asked them to collaborate in watching to see where he went.

Eventually, they realised that the man they were monitoring had changed cars and was now driving in another direction, back towards Extremadura. The police decided to intercept him near Algeciras, with the assistance of officers based there. When they searched the vehicle they found 19,900 grammes of a substance wrapped in black plastic, which they believed to be hashish, and proceeded to arrest him on suspicion of an offence against public health, namely drug trafficking. The investigation is continuing, and police sources say it is possible that there will be more arrests.