This was not the first time Rhodes had made a gesture of this type. E.P.

British-Spanish pianist James Rhodes rewards a woman in Seville for her honesty after she hands in a lost pension payment

Estrella Yedra, who is unemployed and has a disabled son, has also been asked to attend a job interview so she is hoping this will be her lucky week

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Friday, 30 September 2022


Well-known British-Spanish pianist James Rhodes, who is active on social media, has paid 490 euros to Estrella Yedra, a woman from Rochelambert in Seville, as a reward for her honesty.

On Wednesday this week Estrella found an envelope containing that sum in cash in a park, and, despite the financial problems she is facing in her own life, took it to a police station. It turned out that it was an elderly lady’s pension: the 84-year-old had just withdrawn it from the bank, but dropped the envelope as she walked home. She went to the police station to report it when she realised it was missing, and found Estrella there, who had just handed it in.

But then something strange happened, Estrella said. A few hours later she received a Bizum transfer for 490 euros. It had been sent by James Rhodes, and this was not the first time the pianist had made a similar gesture after learning of an incident of this type on social media.

On this occasion a friend of Estrella had contacted him and asked if he would do the same. “I said no, I didn’t need anyone to give me anything because of what I did,” she said, but the Bizum arrived and she and James Rhodes then exchanged WhatsApp messages. “He told me he wanted to help people who are going through a hard time,” she said.

Not only did Estrella have that stroke of luck, but she has also managed to arrange an interview with a cleaning company and was desperately hoping to be given the job. She and her husband are both out of work and their four-year-old son is disabled, so she was keeping her fingers firmly crossed that this would be her lucky week.


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