One million flu jabs already administered by Junta in Andalucía region's current campaign

One million flu jabs already administered by Junta in Andalucía region's current campaign

The 2023-2024 vaccination programme, which was rolled out on 9 October, has also seen 700,000 jabs given against Covid-19

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Wednesday, 15 November 2023, 15:46

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A million flu vaccines have been administered in Andalucía since the Junta's regional ministry of health began the first phase of the 2023-2024 vaccination campaign against influenza and Covid-19 on 9 October, with some 700,000 doses given against Covid. This already equals the figures of the previous campaign with about 50% of the total doses available for this campaign still to be rolled out.

The Junta’s ministry said: “It is, without a doubt, good news that people in Andalucía, for yet another year, continue to be responsible for their health and those around them.

"Vaccines are a safe and efficient tool to prevent serious illness and hospitalisation. For this reason, we call for the entire population, especially the most vulnerable, the elderly, children, the chronically ill, pregnant women, health professionals and social health workers who have not yet received the double flu and Covid vaccinations to make an appointment through Salud Responds, ClicSalud+ or at your health centre to protect yourself this autumn and winter against these viruses.”

The vaccination campaign started with the administration of doses to those in nursing homes and centres for the disabled; and those over 85 years of age, in addition to health professionals and social health workers.

Since 16 October, those over 70 years of age have also been vaccinated; as have people with chronic pathologies; professional caregivers; pregnant and postpartum women, with the infant flu vaccine being administered to children aged six to 59 months.

And on 30 October, those over 60 years of age and professional groups (such as members of the armed forces) began to be vaccinated. Starting in December, people living with those over 60 years of age, with chronic pathologies and risk situations, and with pregnant and postpartum women will be vaccinated against flu and Covid-19.

By groups, a total of 55,540 children aged six to 59 months have already been vaccinated against influenza, which means 20.4% of the total. In nursing homes, almost 90% of residents have been vaccinated against the flu, with 80% of those having received the Covid-19 vaccination.

As in the previous campaign, Andalucía is using tetravalent influenza vaccines, which cover the two A strains and the two B strains of the virus, making them the most complete available today. The vaccines available to combat Covid-19 includes the targeting of the currently circulating variant in Spain (Omicron XBB.1.5).

For this campaign, the Junta de Andalucía has acquired 7.5% more doses against influenza than in 2022, representing a total of 2.2 million vaccines. This increase is mainly due to the influenza vaccination now being provided to adults from 60 years of age.

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