Network of publicly-owned supermarkets proprosed to help combat rising prices

Network of publicly-owned supermarkets proprosed to help combat rising prices


A spokesperson for the Adelante Andalucía political coalition in the region said that it would guarantee that the most vulnerable people in society had access to basic necessities, and also benefit local suppliers

Héctor Barbotta


Thursday, 9 March 2023

The parliamentary group of Adelante Andalucía have proposed the creation of an Andalusian network of public supermarkets in the region as a measure to deal with rising prices and guarantee access to essential products for the most vulnerable.

According to the group's spokesperson, José Ignacio García, this would also help guarantee Andalusian farmers receive a fair price for their products, reduce the carbon footprint by using local produce as well as creating employment opportunities.

The spokesperson pointed out that this is an initiative that would not only benefit consumers with less purchasing power, but also the producers, who would receive fairer prices for their work and for their produce. "It's a novel and useful idea," he said.

Francisco J. Olmo / Europa Press

The measure would be accompanied by setting a system of affordable prices for basic products that would be limited to covering the costs of supply purchase, logistics and jobs. In addition, organic and zero-kilometre products would be prioritised and the consumption of regional goods would be promoted.



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