Armed forces taking part in Wednesday's drill IDEAL
Armed forces and emergency services take part in terrorist incident drill

Armed forces and emergency services take part in terrorist incident drill

The Navy patrol vessel Infanta Cristina took part in the exercise at Motril port in Andalucía


Wednesday, 11 May 2022, 16:51


A drill exercise was carried out in the Motril port this morning, Wednesday 11 May, to prepare for emergency or terrorist incidents in the port environment.

The activity was part of one of series of planned drills in a joint exercise known as MARSEC-22, which the Navy is carrying out together with other public regional and local bodies, as well as private entities along the entire national coastline. The aim of the drill was to practise and improve coordination between agencies in the event of a maritime security incident.

The exercise was carried out in two phases: the first with the participation of the Navy patrol boat Infanta Cristina, simulating the rescue of 50 people from a semi-submerged boat and their transfer to the port; and a second phase involved the response to a terrorist threat. This part of the exercise involved activating the port protection plan and contacting the National Police, which is the body responsible for closing off the affected port area.

The exercise, coordinated and directed by the Naval Command of Almeria and the National Police station of Motril, had the collaboration of the Port Authority and the participation of the Gaurdia Civil, the Rescue Coordination Centre (CCS) of Almeria, the Maritime Captaincy of Motril, the Red Cross, the Andalusian Health Service (SAS), the Emergency Service (112) and the Motril’s local police force.

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