Camper Area La Herradura can cater for 40 motorhomes SUR
New motorhome site opens in La Herradura

New motorhome site opens in La Herradura

Camper Area is big enough for 40 vehicles and is close to the town centre and the beach

Monday, 22 August 2022, 18:36


La Herradura has a new site for motorhomes and camper vans with space for up to 40 vehicles. Camper Area La Herradura is located on a 4,500 m2 plot near the town centre and the beach.

The Ramos family from Granada are behind the initiative. They have rented the plot and equipped it with all the services needed for this type of facility including electricity, cleaning areas, grey water points, a laundry room, toilets and washing facilities.

The plot was occupied by subtropical trees, most of which have been adapted to provide shade for the occupants. Motorhomes are parked under custard apple and avocado trees among others to provide shade. "Other species will soon be added to offer more shade, although the foreigners are looking for sun", said Encarna Ramos, who is in charge of the area.

The La Herradura Camper Area has been well received by motor home and caravan owners as they are prohibited on the town's promenades.

“We have been overwhelmed since opening. We have barely had time to put up information and signage and yet, though motorhome users are arriving by word of mouth, both from Spain and from other European countries,” Ramos said.

The Camper Area La Herradura reception is open from 8.30am until 10pm.

Encarna Ramos talks to a family using the new site
Encarna Ramos talks to a family using the new site SUR

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