Archive photo of a colonoscopy / SUR

More than 1,300 people from Malaga will be diagnosed with colon cancer this year and in excess of 60% will overcome it

Advances in oncological treatment together with early diagnosis help treatment

Ángel Escalera

Between 6,000 and 7,000 Andalusians are expected to be diagnosed with colon or rectal cancer in 2022, of which 1,300 will be in the Malaga province according to the Andalusian Society of Medical Oncology (SAOM). Some 60 per cent of patients are expected to be cured of the tumor, which is becoming the second most common kind of cancer in the region and in all of Spain.

The 31st of March was the World Day for Prevention of Colon Cancer and this year there was much to celebrate. SAOM says that thanks to a new advancement in treatment and new techniques for early detection, more than 60 per cent of patients will recover from the disease. The survival rate for colon cancer has increased by 7 per cent in Spain and stands at 64 per cent in both men and women.

The medical society stresses the importance of screening programmes for colorectal cancer. In Andalucía these are already implemented through the testing of blood and stool samples of high risk groups. Early detection is key to increasing the chances of recovery. Colonoscopies are also very important to detect polyps before they become malignant.

Avoid alcohol and tobacco

Oncologists also list prevention as one of the key tools in fighting colon cancer. This means avoiding the things that increase the risk like alcohol and tobacco as well as living a healthy life with a balanced diet and physical exercise.

The president of the SAOM, and Malaga-born oncologist, Antonio Rueda said, “Andaluscía has established a high level of excellence in the multidisciplinary approach, treatment and care for patients with colon cancer.”