Met office warns of weather change in south of Spain to accompany arrival of the Three Kings
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Met office warns of weather change in south of Spain to accompany arrival of the Three Kings

Two cold fronts will affect the Andalucía region from Wednesday through to Saturday, according to state weather agency, Aemet

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Wednesday, 3 January 2024, 09:51


The arrival of Three Kings delivering presents in Spain this week will be accompanied in the Andalucía region with cloudy skies, but without significant rainfall. However, it will be cold with minimum temperatures down to 3C and the wind will blow, according to the forecast of state weather agency (Aemet).

Aemet's representative for Andalucía, Ceuta and Melilla, Juan de Dios del Pino, said that today (Wednesday, 3 January) there will be an Atlantic storm that will leave a cold front over the Spanish mainland, bringing a little rain, and will reach the Andalucía region in the afternoon, affecting the provinces of Huelva, Seville and Cordoba.

Once this cloudy band has passed, Del Pino has pointed to a second front that will likely arrive on Thursday and "could leave rain, especially from midday onwards, in Seville, Cordoba and Huelva provinces", most likely from seven or eight o'clock in the evening. The wind will blow from midday onwards.

On Friday, the day of the Three Kings parades in many parts of Andalucía, "it will be a cold and windy day", said the Aemet spokesperson. Therefore, on 5 January, maximum temperatures could reach 15C with minimum temperatures around seven degrees.

As for rainfall, "there is a probability of rain in the mountains of Jaén, Granada and Grazalema (Cadiz province), and it could even reach the southern mountains of Seville province", but this "will not be very significant". In addition, there may be snow in the Sierra Nevada and Sierra de Cazorla areas.

However, the cold "will be more accentuated" on Saturday, a day with clear skies in which both daytime and nighttime temperatures "will continue to fall" and will be around 12 or 13C maximum and three degrees minimum. The rest of the weekend will remain clear and with low temperatures, which will stabilise on Sunday.

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