Mercury set to rise in the south of Spain: these are the areas where Aemet forecasts temperatures of up to 36C
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Mercury set to rise in the south of Spain: these are the areas where Aemet forecasts temperatures of up to 36C

From Friday onwards, anticyclonic weather will prevail in the region and minimum values will also rise to 20 degrees in Malaga province and on the Costa del Sol

Almudena Nogués


Wednesday, 22 May 2024, 13:11

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Thermometers are set to rise in the Andalucía region in the coming days with a clear upward trend that will reach its peak on Sunday. Stifling heat is forecast for that day, the first taste of a meteorological summer that is just around the corner. At the moment, the forecast from Spain's state weather agency (Aemet) points to temperatures of 36C in Cordoba, 35 in Seville and 34 in Jaen. In Malaga province, which includes the Costa del Sol, temperatures are expected to be somewhat milder - around 27 degrees - although the province will have the highest minimum temperatures in the region: no less than 20C.

Until then, the weather in Spain will continue to be marked in certain areas by localised instability in the extreme north of the mainland (Galicia and Cantabrian regions, Upper Ebro, Pyrenees and northeast of Catalonia) and the possibility of showers in the Balearic Islands.

Barcelona, Mallorca and Menorca will be under a rain and thunderstorm warning, while Gerona will be under a rainfall warning. In the rest of the country, the weather will be sunny, with heat being the predominant feature. The provincial capitals with the highest temperatures - according to Aemet - will be Murcia with 30C, Cordoba with 29C and Malaga with 28C.

What will the weather at the weekend be like?

Looking ahead to the weekend, anticyclonic weather will prevail in Spain. On Friday, the release of some cold air at high altitude over the north-east of the Spanish mainland will cause abundant clouds of diurnal evolution, which will culminate in thunderstorms in the afternoon, mainly affecting the Pyrenees, nearby areas and also the Iberian System, especially its eastern part. Temperatures will continue to rise, with more heat in the central hours of the day.

"Saturday will be sunny and warm. It will be a day marked by atmospheric stability, with a general and marked rise in temperatures. In the interior of Andalucía, maximum temperatures will be close to 35C, while the easterly wind will reach strong gusts in the Strait of Gibraltar", according to the specialised weather portal Meteored.

Sunday is expected to be the hottest day of the week. "The sun will continue to shine in most of the country, at most with the presence of some high clouds in the skies. Temperatures will continue to rise, reaching a maximum of 35C in places such as Cordoba and Seville and close to that in many other inland areas of the southern half of the mainland," added the Meteored experts. It coincides with the Aemet forecast, which expects maximum temperatures of 35-36 degrees in both Andalusian provinces.

The heat is not expected to let up next week and on Monday it could even reach 37C in Cordoba, according to Aemet.

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