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Police in Fuengirola arrest the owner of a cannabis club for allegedly trafficking drugs

The premises were already under observation after reports of crimes against public health


Local Police in Fuengirola have arrested the owner of a cannabis club for allegedly trafficking drugs. The club is located in a commercial centre in the town and officers seized 720 grams of marijuana, 302 grams of hashish, 18 cookies containing TCH, a dozen bottles of hashish resin and smaller quantities of other drugs.

The club had reportedly been served with a decree to close and cease their activity after complaints related to crimes against public health, but continued operating

Because of this, and after many complaints made by residents and shopkeepers in the area, the Local Police set up surveillance of the premises. It was soon evident that 'members' were allowed access following strong security checks and then left the premises after only a few minutes - without consuming anything inside - and paid money in exchange for the substances.

Outside the club, buyers were stopped by officers who seized substances wrapped in the same containers later found inside the club.

On 26 March the owner was located by officers who entered the premises. They informed him that the club had to remain closed and comply with the previous order to cease all activity. The owner attempted to escape by allegedly kicking and elbowing the officers but he was apprehended and arrested by four of them who used minimum force.

After the arrest and the seizure of the drugs the premises were closed.