The toddlers were riding their toy motorbikes along the busy Carretera de Ronda. / sur

Investigation after two toddlers “escape” from a nursery on toy motorbikes in Andalucía

The two-year-olds were found on a busy road some 300 metres away by a woman who then contacted the police

R. P. Almeria

The Junta de Andalucía’s Education department in Almeria is looking into an incident in which two young children escaped from a nursery in the city. The children were found some 300 metres away from the building, riding toy motorbikes.

It happened on the Monday of Easter week, and a woman spotted the two-year-olds on their toy motorbikes in one of the city’s busiest streets. She immediately contacted the police, and officers came to take charge of the little ones and run them back to the nursery. “The appropriate measures will be taken,” said a source at the Ministry of Education and Sports, speaking about the incident.

The parents association of the nursery, as well as the mother of one of the little boys, have lodged a formal complaint against the company which runs the nursery. For the moment, the Education ministry is trying to ascertain how they could have got out of the building without being supervised and whether anyone in charge of looking after the children was negligent.