Juanma Moreno.

Junta agrees big shakedown in bureaucracy to boost the local economy

Regional ministers aim to simplify by 2024 a third of the rules and regulations that make life difficult for business


The Andalusian government approved this week a new decree in its plan to reduce bureaucracy in the regional authority and to boost business. In all there are 3,000 measures that will reform 80 sets of rules.

Junta president, Juanma Moreno, said on Monday that this would be, "a transformation to reduce the administrative hurdles and to give a definitive boost to making the business sector more dynamic and reactivating the economy in Andalucía."

In Moreno's opinion, "it is the most ambitious work ever considered in the history of the devolved government with a decree that makes Andalucía a pioneer nationally, facing up to a complete remodelling of its processes and following European Union advice."

He added that he was proud, "to be head of a government that is daring to confront this radical change, creating the most favourable conditions for business activity and putting a stop to this never ending obstacle course," which investors and the productive elements of the economy have had to cope with.

The deputy president of the region, Juan Marín, highlighted the efforts made to assess 468 of the 829 administrative processes that affect starting up or running a business activity. Regional ministers have fixed a target to simplify 30 per cent of these by 2024.


Among the measures coming in this first decree is the simplification of the rules for opening a business premises and the processes for building logistics centres and solar panel parks.

In fishing, it will be easier to start up activity in regional-government owned ports, which should modernise the industry. Companies training teachers will be able to validate courses more easily.