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Andalucía... not just a holiday destination, a workplace in the sun

Andalucía... not just a holiday destination, a workplace in the sun

The region, with its excellent air, rail and road connections, its enviable lifestyle, warm climate, international community and modern digital connectivity, is the ideal destination for remote workers and digital nomads

Tony Bryant


Wednesday, 16 November 2022, 09:22


Andalucía offers much more than its reputation as one of the most popular destinations for sun, sea and leisure, as it also presents many advantages for people who choose to work from home.

This trend was first embraced due the string of restrictions that were enforced to combat the coronavirus pandemic. The virus accelerated trends that have been trying to gain a foothold in our society for some time, and one of these is remote working.

As well as the usual advantages of working from the living room or home studio, now that home studio, could be in that beautiful location where everyone wants to live, such as the south of Spain.

Andalucía has become an attractive location for remote working for a number of reasons: its great weather, affordable cost of living, excellent internet connectivity and fibre optic network in practically the entire area, first class infrastructure, security and the possibility of working from a tourist destination of world reference.

What better way to “telecommute” than do it from a place that not only provides us with comfort from a housing point of view, but also from the natural landscape, weather and service environment that the south of Spain offers.

It should also be remembered that Andalucía, with its excellent English-speaking schools and ready-made international community, is an attractive option for those with children who are thinking of moving to the area and working from home.

The region has also become a popular destination for ‘digital nomads’, a group of remote workers who understand that they do not need to be in one location. These independent freelancers can work on their laptops almost everywhere in the world, and many have chosen the south of Spain to ply their trade.

Companies all over the world discovered that they did not need to have all their staff in one place of work and that there are benefits to home working. Thanks to the technology which makes this possible, it doesn’t even matter where that home is, so many workers could choose to live anywhere they liked, as long as they have a computer and a reliable internet connection.

This in turn creates possibilities for residential tourism, as a way of boosting the property market and local economy.

The Costa del Sol Airport, which is just ten minutes from Malaga city, is another reason why Andalucía is an ideal location to live and work, as is the excellent train and road infrastructure to the rest of the region.

The number of routes and connections that Malaga Airport offers makes it easier to attend unavoidable meetings with clients, suppliers or other important appointments on the work agenda.

This winter, airlines will increase their flights to and from the Costa del Sol with 16.8 per cent more seats on offer than the same time of year before the pandemic. The total of 7.4 million seats available from Sunday 30 October to the end of March 2023 shows that Malaga Airport has fully recovered from the impact of the coronavirus crisis.

During the next five months, Malaga will be linked with 119 destinations, 16 of them inthe UK, the country with the highest number of air connections with the Costa delSol.

European destinations account for 148 of the routes and there are considerably more seats available this year on flights to and from the Netherlands, Italy, France, Denmark and Ireland.

However, flights to other cities in Spain have also increased considerably, as there will be 34 per cent more than during the winter than before the pandemic.

The Cercanías train line links Malaga with most of the main towns along the coast, so even those without their own transport can travel with relative ease. This also applies to rest of Spain and is especially attractive because Madrid can be reached in two and a half hours by the AVE train service.

As a combined result of constantly improving technologies and infrastructures and the ability of new generations to manage their time, cities, towns and villages in Andalucía have developed special plans for remote working. These include the creation of centres offering basic services for online workers to run their business by facilitating remote working and providing internet connectivity and co-working spaces,

With the new business models being pushed to address current challenges, Andalucía offers the best options for those wishing to live and work in one of the most popular regions in Europe.

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