The situation will not change much for Monday, 11 July, when significantly high temperatures are again expected in the interior of Andalucía. / EFE

Heat wave in Andalucía: amber alerts for temperatures up to 41C on Sunday

Nationally, some 30 Spanish provinces are at risk (yellow warning) or significant risk (amber) of sweltering heat, according to the state weather agency, Aemet


A new heat wave is coming. And be careful because, according to the forecast from Spain’s state weather agency, Aemet, on Sunday, 10 July, it will be especially hot in several areas of four Andalusian provinces where the amber alert will be activated due to high temperatures of up to 41 degrees: Huelva, Seville, Cordoba and Jaen.

On the national map, the heat wave puts about 30 Spanish provinces at risk (yellow) or significant risk (orange) of high temperatures this Sunday, with temperatures of up to 43 degrees, according to the forecaster.

In the Andalucía region the mercury will reach maximums of up to 41 degrees (significant risk) between 1pm and 9pm in Cordoba and Seville (countryside) and up to 40 degrees in Huelva (Andévalo and Condado) and Jaén (Guadalquivir Valley).

Aemet has also issued a yellow warning for rough seas on the Cadiz coast and the Strait. The forecast points to a Levante wind force 7 to the west of the Strait and offshore to the south of the Cape of Trafalgar until 8pm.

The situation will not change much for Monday, 11 July, when significantly high temperatures are again expected in the interior of Andalucía, as well as the continuation of very strong gusts in the Strait. During Monday, the amber warnings will be activated in the same provinces, Cordoba, Huelva, Jaén and Seville.

National forecast

The maximum temperatures will also be high in the Canary Islands, the southern plateau, the southwest of the northern plateau, the northwest half of Andalucía, the southeast of Galicia and areas of the Ebro valley. The wind will also blow strongly in the extreme north of Galicia. For tomorrow, Sunday, a calima is forecast in the Canary Islands and throughout the day coastal fog could form in Galicia, without ruling it out also in the areas surrounding the Strait and Alborán sea.

The provinces of Ávila, Salamanca, Segovia, Soria, Valladolid and Zamora, in Castilla y León, and Zaragoza, in Aragón, will also be at risk (yellow) due to high temperatures, while in Castilla-La Mancha the same will happen in Albacete, Ciudad Real, Cuenca and Guadalajara. The alert will be raised to amber in Toledo.

It will also be amber in the Extremaduran provinces of Badajoz and Cáceres, as well as in Ourense, in Galicia, where A Coruña, Lugo and Pontevedra will be at risk (yellow) also due to high temperatures. Girona and Lleida, in Catalonia, and Madrid and La Rioja will also be under a warning (yellow) due to the heat wave.

The maximum temperatures will rise steeply in the Canary Islands, north of Lugo and west of Asturias, but will drop on the west coast of Galicia. They will exceed 40 degrees in the Tagus, Guadiana in Extremadura, the Guadalquivir valley, inland Huelva and probably also in parts of the Canary Islands.