Football coach arrested in Andalucía for sexually harassing more than 200 minors

Football coach arrested in Andalucía for sexually harassing more than 200 minors

He allegedly contacted the youngsters through several fake profiles created on different social media networks, posing as a girl of their age

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Tuesday, 22 August 2023, 17:47


National Police officers in Seville have arrested the coach of a football team as being allegedly responsible for sexually harassing minors, who had contacted more than 200 young people through several false profiles created on different social media networks, pretending to be a girl of their age.

Sixty victims, with an average age of 14 years, have already been identified and statements have been taken. They live in different towns in Andalucía, mostly in Seville, with most of them being players who had been trained by the alleged perpetrator, according to a police statement.

The investigation, dubbed Operation Reinosa, began at the beginning of 2021, when officers became aware that a minor, after making contact via social media networks with an alleged young woman with who he had exchanged photos and videos of a sexual nature, began to suspect that behind this profile could be an adult. According to police, "she avoided showing her face at all times and increasingly demanded sexual content", so the boy told his parents, "who made him doubt the veracity of the profile".

Police investigations identified the real author of this profile, who, due to his position, was able to make direct contact "with numerous minors". Officers arrested him after a search of his home, where they seized "several electronic devices with abundant material of a sexual nature".

"The football coach had tried to contact more than 200 minors posing as a young girl with the aim of acquiring sexual material, even going so far as making moves to establish meetings with some of them". The underage girl whose images, "also obtained by deception", were used by the alleged perpetrator "as a lure to attract his victims", was also identified. The man was arrested and handed over to the courts, who ordered his immediate imprisonment without bail.

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