The flu jab and fourth Covid vaccine are normally given at the same time in Andalucía. sur
Over one million people in Andalucía have had a flu jab so far this autumn

Over one million people in Andalucía have had a flu jab so far this autumn

Nearly 823,000 individuals in the region have also had their fourth Covid jab

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Tuesday, 8 November 2022, 18:21


Figures just issued by the Andalusian health authorities show that 1,034,354 people in the region have had a flu jab since the campaign began on 3 October. They include 46.7% of the population aged over 65, which was the main target group.

By province, 84,805 people in this age group have had a flu jab in Almeria province, 130,138 in Cadiz, 125,399 in Cordoba, 125,394 in Granada, 60,092 in Huelva, 107,820 in Jaén, 176,623 in Malaga and 224,014 in Seville.

With regard to the fourth Covid jab, 63,781 have been administered in Almeria, 109,011 in Cadiz, 101,367 in Cordoba, 97,265 in Granada, 47,592 in Huelva, 80,155 in Jaén, 137,118 in Malaga and 186,646 in Seville.

So far over 33% of the population of Andalucía over the age of 60 have had this fourth jab. In total, since the Covid vaccination campaign began in December 2020, a total of 19,581,909 doses have been administered in the region.

Anyone who is eligible for one of these vaccines can make an appointment via the ClicSalud+ website, the Salud Andalucía and Salud Responde apps, by phoning Salud Responde or by contacting their local health centre.

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