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One in five people who died with Covid in Andalucía lost their lives because of another cause

The Junta has carried out a study to differentiate patients who die from coronavirus from those who die with the virus

Ángel Escalera

The official records of the Junta de Andalucía indicates that 2,136 people have lost their lives in Malaga province since the start of the pandemic and 11,972 people have died in the Andalucía region. The first death in Malaga was reported on 13 March 2020. But have all the deaths been caused by coronavirus? Did those patients die from Covid or with the virus?

Sources suggest that up to 20 per cent of deaths were due to causes other than the virus although the patients tested positive for Covid-19 at the time of death, and what killed them was not Covid, but another pathology.

The Junta is now conducting a statistical study to differentiate between the two factors. In some other autonomous regions, the number of people who died with Covid, but not because of it, might be as high as 40 per cent, the sources said.

"When a patient dies with coronavirus, but not from coronavirus, we say that it is the secondary cause of death but not the main one," a doctor said.

Another hospital specialist explained that before admitting patients they are tested for Covid. For example, if a patient is admitted because of a stroke and tests positive, they are placed in the infected wards. But if they then die the cause of death will be listed as stroke. That is the patients died with Covid not because of it.

Both specialists said most people hospitalised for coronavirus are unvaccinated patients, the immunosuppressed and elderly patients.