First sweltering heat warnings of 2024 in Andalucía: three provinces at risk of high temperatures

First sweltering heat warnings of 2024 in Andalucía: three provinces at risk of high temperatures

Spain's national weather agency Aemet has activated the yellow alerts due to the forecast of 38C in several areas on Thursday

Almudena Nogués


Wednesday, 29 May 2024, 14:34

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The first heat warnings of 2024 have been activated in Andalucía. And they come in the run-up to the start of the meteorological summer, which will make its debut on the calendar on Saturday 1 June. Spain's national weather agency, Aemet, has activated yellow alerts for high temperatures in three provinces of the region. Specifically, they will affect Seville and Cordoba, especially in the countryside areas, and Jaén, in the Guadalquivir valley, on Thursday and Friday. On both days, the warnings will remain in force between 1pm and 9pm.

It will therefore be the first episode of sweltering heat of the year, as Aemet has indicated. And it will come against a backdrop of a generalised rise in mercury levels throughout the country. From Wednesday onwards, both maximum and minimum temperatures will rise in Andalucía. In provinces such as Malaga, tropical nights with minimum temperatures of 20-21C are expected until Saturday.

Meanwhile, today, Wednesday 29 May, will be stable in the region with easterly winds in the Alboran Sea and typical low cloudiness that will disappear during the day according to the forecast of the state agency, which warns that temperatures will start to rise. In addition, Cadiz will be under a warning for rough seas.

For tomorrow, Thursday, Aemet forecasts partly cloudy or clear skies. On the Mediterranean coast, intervals of low clouds and mist are expected, as well as 'calima' dust from the Sahara desert in suspension. Temperatures will continue to rise and light variable breezes will blow, except for moderate easterly winds in the Strait of Gibraltar and the eastern Mediterranean coast. Cordoba, Jaén and Seville will record the highest maximum temperatures in the region.

Looking ahead to the weekend, a cold air pocket will approach Spain, so instability will increase with strong storms forecast in several Mediterranean regions. Andalucía, however, will escape this instability. The region will have stable weather, with no precipitation forecast and temperatures tending to ease to a maximum of 35-36C.

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