Guardia Civil officer outside the house where the animals were being kept in Motril / ideal

Police investigate 'fake vet' and puppy seller who mistreated animals in his care

It is claimed the dogs contracted serious illnesses due to deplorable hygiene standards at his premises in Motril


The Guardia Civil are investigating a 53-year-old man over alleged animal abuse and for illegal practice following a complaint from a man who bought a puppy from him.

On 19 January the Nature Protection Service of the Guardia Civil (Seprona) in Motril received a complaint from a a man who told them he had acquired a Yorkshire Terrier puppy through an internet advertisement, but that the puppy was ill with parvovirus and giardia. When the puppy was taken to a different vet’s, the medical report indicated that these diseases had been contracted due to a lack of hygiene.

Seprona opened an investigation through which they discovered that the person in question was selling puppies on the internet without the correct licences and documentation.

Serious illness

In the house where the man kept the animals, in which there were eight female and two male Yorkshire puppies, police found that all eight were living in unhygienic conditions and surrounded by excrement.

None of the animals had vaccination cards or microchips. Officers concluded that the conditions were the reasons why the puppies had contracted the aforementioned illnesses.

In addition to the offence relating to animal mistreatment, the man has also been investigated for illegally practicing as a vet. He administered vaccinations to the ten dogs he owned and to the puppies that were born and which he subsequently sold.

He had even filmed himself administering the vaccinations to the puppy he sold to the complainant. He also filled in the first vaccination cards in which he wrote down the vaccinations he himself had administered.

The puppy belonging to the original complainant has subsequently died.