Doctors to prescribe sport instead of medication to some patients in Andalucía

Doctors to prescribe sport instead of medication to some patients in Andalucía

The regional government's 'in shape' plan aims to promote healthy living and ageing for some conditions, and will run until 2030

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Monday, 20 November 2023, 14:47


Doctors in Andlaucía will prescribe sport instead of medication in some cases where patients must change their lifestyle habits and "improve their quality of life".

It comes after the governing council of the Andalusian Physical Exercise Prescription Plan approved the initiative: Andalucía in Shape - which will run until 2030, with regional authorities responsible for implementing it across Andalucía.

Minister for sport Arturo Bernal said: "for the first time in Andalucía, primary care doctors are going to prescribe physical exercise, and they will do so for the prevention of and recovery from illnesses and different pathologies; to improve the quality of life of our fellow citizens". The sport prescriptions will also aim to promote healthy ageing, reduce sedentary lifestyles and obesity, he added.

The Junta said the initiative aims "to promote the development and implementation of a plan that improves the accessibility, interaction and effectiveness of the sports and health systems". This plan, according to the Junta, "will respond to scientific evidence of the relationship between physical activity and health". Regional ministries, Andalusian public universities and local bodies will also help implement the plan.

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