The "strange phenomenon" seen on the coast of Granada by Cuarto Milenio. Cuatro
What was the "strange phenomenon" seen off the coast of Granada by a TV show?

What was the "strange phenomenon" seen off the coast of Granada by a TV show?

The programme Cuarto Milenio reported on some recent photographs taken from Almuñécar

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Monday, 13 May 2024, 20:42


The most-watched paranormal phenomena show on television, Cuarto Milenio, recently featured photographs taken from Almuñécar, on the coast of Granada. They show what presenter Iker Jiménez called a "strange phenomenon": lights in the shape of a pyramid or a hat in the distance, which could be over the sea in the sky.

During the programme, the possible origin of these lights was discussed; the mystery was later solved on social media with the comparison of data and images, so now we know what this "strange phenomenon" seen from Almuñécar really was.

From the date on which the image was taken and the distribution of the lights, users claim that it was the 'Star Flyer', a cruise ship, of the Star Clippers company, which made a stop in the port of Motril. In fact, the newspaper IDEAL had already reported that this cruise ship was going to stop at the Andalusian coast.

As the followers of Cuarto Milenio themselves report, this ship, when sailing at night, "always lights up its rigging" and, depending on the angle, "it can look like a pyramid or a hat". Thus, photographed from the coast, the ship gives rise to a rare visual phenomenon.

In the coming weeks, up to nine tourist ships will be visiting the coasts of Almeria and Granada. Among them are the Sea Cloud I, Seadream II, Marella Voyager, Ocean Odyssey, Seven Seas Voyager, World Navigator, Seabourn Ovation, Seadream I and MS Nautica.

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