The boat is being stored on land that is used as a car park in summer. P. García-Trevijano
The mystery of the unidentified fishing boat that has appeared off Spain's Costa Tropical

The mystery of the unidentified fishing boat that has appeared off Spain's Costa Tropical

The vessel, which is being stored on land used as a car park in summer in La Mamola, will eventually be scrapped if no one claims it

Pilar García-Trevijano


Wednesday, 1 May 2024, 15:16


A fishing boat which appeared on the beach Sorvilán and Polopos-La Mamola in mid-April is proving to be a mystery to the Guardia Civil which is investigating how it got there and to whom it belongs.

The towns have taken responsibility for the boat until the authorities' enquiries have been completed. The vessel, which is several metres long, has no identification, but it did have an Algerian flag on it, so it appears to have come from the African coast.

As it was found on land, Capitanía Marítima is not responsible for the vessel and the competent authorities are the provincial coastal service or the town halls where it was found.

However, Sorvilán town hall had to find somewhere to store it. Mayor Pilar Sánchez explained that the vessel was towed with machinery to a nearby plot of land which is used as a car park in summer while the investigations continue.

The plot of land in question is privately owned by the town hall of neighbouring La Mamola, which is collaborating with Sorvilán.

The Guardia Civil says the most likely explanation is that the boat drifted in from another area. However, Guardia Civil sources indicate that the boat has not been damaged, so it could also have been used as a small boat to reach the Spanish coast.

Maritime captain Fernando Ramos said that an inspection of the vessel confirmed that there was no danger of contamination or safety. Normally Capitanía Marítima contacts other national and international maritime administrations so that the owner can claim the vessel or in some cases Capitanía Marítima can find them directly. However, this boat has no identification, If no one claims it the procedure for its scrapping will be initiated.

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