Picture from last summer in Playa Granada. Alfredo Aguilar
Granada's Costa Tropical sees prices rocket to become one of most expensive holiday destinations in Andalucía

Granada's Costa Tropical sees prices rocket to become one of most expensive holiday destinations in Andalucía

In Torrenueva rentals have shot up 142% in four years and a week in Salobreña in summer costs 550 euros more per week according to a recent report

Pilar García-Trevijano


Friday, 7 June 2024, 17:29

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Renting an apartment for a week this summer on the Granada coast is between seven and 12 per cent more expensive than in 2023. The price range for a holiday on the province's Costa Tropical varies from 1,500 euros a week for an apartment in the Playa Granada area in Motril or in the Salomar area of Salobrena, to 900 euros a week on Cambriles beach in Castell de Ferro.

Motril is the most expensive town on the Granada coast and is the seventh most expensive destination in Andalucía behind areas in Marbella including Puerto Banús, and Cádiz, according to the latest report by Tecnitasa, a valuation and consultancy company which has a number of offices in Spain.

Playa Granada has undergone a significant change in recent years. Renting a 90-metre-square apartment for seven days in summer cost an average of 700 euros four years ago and now stands at 1,500 euros, while Playa de Poniente has now reached 1,350 euros, 850 euros more expensive than in 2020 and 100 above the average price set last summer.

During the pandemic the Costa Tropical was the cheapest holiday destination in Andalucía. Nowadays the scenario is completely different, although the price increase is reflected in all coastal towns in Spain.

In 2020, a week's holiday in Torrenueva Costa would have cost 350 euros a week. However, tourists have discovered the town in recent years and it has become more expensive. Rents have shot up 142 per cent to around 850 euros for a 80-metre-squared apartment. Salomar in Salobreña is also one of the most expensive places to spend the summer on the Granada coast where visitors can also expect to pay around 1,500 euros per month, like at Playa Granada, compared to 950 euros last year.

The big increase in Velilla

In Almuñécar, which has been a favourite among tourists for decades, the average holiday rental for a flat in Velilla is 1,216 euros, 166 euros more expensive than in 2023. In San Cristóbal holiday lets have gone up by 500 euros a week to over 900 euros - in 2020 they were 800 euros. In La Herradura families will have to pay approximately 920 euros a week for summer holidays, 20 more than last summer.

According to the same consultancy firm Almeria city and Rincón de la Victoria are the cheapest holiday destinations in Andalucía for the second year running at 750 and 730 euros. On a national level, the most expensive places exceed 3,000 euros per week and include Santanyi, Ibiza and Pollensa on the Balearic Islands and Puerto Banús in Marbella. The cheapest places are Moncófar and Vinaroz, in Castellón, Valencia.

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