Casino Admiral within the El Capricho complex. S. M.
Chips are down as Granada casino closes after five years due to 'lack of profitability'

Chips are down as Granada casino closes after five years due to 'lack of profitability'

The owner of the complex in Monachil said the restaurant and facilities will reopen in a month with a new "leisure offer that will revolutionise the entertainment scene in the province"

Sandra Martínez


Friday, 3 May 2024, 05:25


The Admiral casino in Monachil, Granada province, closed its doors for the last time on Tuesday 30 April after five years due to "lack of profitability".

The lights of the sign went out for the last time at midnight bringing to an end an era for the casino which was a meeting point and for gambling and other activities.

The premises and the Kaori restaurant, located next door, had been leased to a third party since the summer of 2019 when it started operating. According to the owner of the casino, Gregorio López, online gambling and other alternatives are what led the Admiral to be "not completely profitable".

López also blamed setbacks caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and said that "a lot of money has been lost." The casino employed around 50 staff who were informed several weeks ago of the intention to close it and were offered the possibility of relocating to Seville.

"The restaurant requires the presence of a lot of people on a regular basis in the hall," López pointed out. The facility closed its doors temporarily in October 2020 due to the pandemic and did not open until 2021.

Huge growth in casinos in Granada city

López also confirmed that the interior of the establishment will be refurbished to adapt it to its new use and that the space will be home to a new "big and very important" leisure facility.

The licence for the transformation of the premises into a casino was requested by López, who is the owner of the Granada Palace hotel complex, located next to Admiral, 30 years ago. However, he explained that they did not get it until 2019 when the operation of the casinos "was no longer as optimal and positive as in the past", when he said that Granada city experienced a huge growth in these types of businesses.

The owner has said that the premises will be back in use in just over a month and that it will be converted into a new entertainment venue, although what the space will house is yet to be determined. "The aim is to give life to the premises to complete the complex," he said. With this new use, they intend to make the operation "as profitable as possible" and overcome the deficiencies of the past decades.

In addition to operating as a casino, the venue hosted monthly poker tournaments, bingo, live performances and also had the Kaori Japanese restaurant which remained open until the casino closed at 4am. The El Capricho complex also has an Italian restaurant, a children's games room, an events venue and the renowned five-star Granada Palace hotel.

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