The flight to Amsterdam is operated by Transavia. Ideal
Tickets for first flights from Granada to Amsterdam go on sale at reduced prices

Tickets for first flights from Granada to Amsterdam go on sale at reduced prices

A one-way ticket from Federico García Lorca to Schiphol airport between 30 September and 21 October costs 79 euros although the price varies for flights out of the Dutch capital

Camilo Álvarez

Friday, 19 April 2024, 16:12


Dutch airline Transavia has started selling tickets for the first flights between Granada's Federico García Lorca Airport and Amsterdam on 30 September this year.

Ticket prices start at 79 euros one way and the route will operate two days a week, on Mondays and Fridays. This reduced price will remain in place until 21 October, when it will go up to between 123 to 172 euros for a one-way ticket. Prices vary for flights from the Dutch capital's Schiphol Airport to Granada.

Other available routes from Granada's airport include Asturias, Barcelona, Bilbao, Gran Canaria, Madrid, Melilla, Palma de Mallorca, Santander and Tenerife Norte in Spain and international destinations include London, Paris and Amsterdam.

There are also charter operations to Belgrade, Montpellier, Toulouse, Ibiza, Pamplona and Valencia, according to Spanish airport operator Aena, which has approved a package of incentives for the 32 airports and heliports in Spain that had fewer than three million passengers in 2023, including Federico García Lorca Granada-Jaén Airport.

Airlines will be exempt from paying the passenger fee for all passengers in addition to those in 2023 for three consecutive years.

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