2,000 eggs and 500 kilos of asparagus: village in south of Spain aims to crack omelette world record
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2,000 eggs and 500 kilos of asparagus: village in south of Spain aims to crack omelette world record

Huétor Tájar in Andalucía's Granada province is staging a festival for foodies on 12 and 13 April - for the first time in 15 years - with other gastronomic treats on offer, all based around the locally grown purple-green vegetable



Wednesday, 3 April 2024, 18:12


The village of Huétor Tájar in Andalucía's Granada province is bringing back its gastronomic asparagus festival (FADESPA) after a 15-year break. It is considered one of the most important fairs of its kind to celebrate the vegetable in Spain.

Organised by Huétor Tájar town hall and the asparagus cooperatives Gamper, Cosafra, Segundo Grado and Centro Sur, the fair will be held on Friday 12 and Saturday 13 April in the multi-purpose pavilion of the Huétor Tájar feria ground.

More than 30 stands will be offering tastings, show cooking, a children's corner and a host of activities related to Huétor Tájar's Indicación Geográfica Protegida (IGP) or geographically protected purple-green asparagus.

The fair started at the end of the 1980s along with the Espárrago Rock (asparagus rock) concerts, a pioneer festival at national level which eventually moved to other places with greater capacity to hold a music event. The giant Spanish omelette also became an important part of the festival, which was last held in 2009.

"This year we wanted to bring back FADESPA to continue promoting our most representative agricultural product, asparagus, with numerous activities on both Friday and Saturday. As we did in the past, on Saturday 13 April we will prepare a giant omelette with 500 kilos of asparagus, 2,000 eggs and 20 litres of oil with which we intend to beat the record for the largest asparagus omelette in the world, a title already held by Huétor Tájar," explained mayor of Hueta, Fernando Delgado.

Ice-cream and asparagus bread

Other asparagus-based delicacies on offer at the fair include asparagus croquettes, asparagus jam, rice with asparagus, grilled asparagus, asparagus bread, asparagus ice cream and asparagus salmorejo (a type of cold soup).

A giant asparagus tart will be made and shared among participants on Friday 12 April and will be accompanied by a cup of hot chocolate according to the councillor for agriculture Mari Carmen Chamorro.

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