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'It's been crazy': This is the best burger in Andalucía
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'It's been crazy': This is the best burger in Andalucía

The owner of the restaurant which received the top honour has revealed how since winning, customers have been rushing to try the burger and phones ringing off the hook

Alberto Flores


Wednesday, 20 March 2024, 16:35


There are more and more restaurants specialising in hamburgers. So many that it is difficult to know which ones cook a burger really worth trying. To settle this, the fourth annual Spanish Burger Championship, a competition organised by Best Burger Spain, was recently held. The competition, as well as choosing the best in the country, has selected the most outstanding burger in Andalucía.

The top honour in Andalucía went to the Mike Burger, a hamburger with a potato brioche bun, a creamy soya sauce, caramelised onion, bacon, Havarti cheese and retinta beef. The delicious dish rated as the best in the region is made at Golden Grill Wild Wild Burger, which has two restaurants in Puerto Real (Cadiz) and Cadiz city.

"For us it means a lot. This is the result of the work we have been doing for several years," Antonio Girón, chef at Golden Grill Wild Wild Burger, told IDEAL.

Own recipe

About his hamburger, Antonio said they decided to opt for "the simplest" and use the product to "make a difference". "We use zero-kilometre meat from a livestock farm in Puerta Real. We use our own recipe for the bread and we offer a simple, easy burger to eat which is very tasty."

One of the secrets is in the technique they use, which they call "air burger". "We don't smash or anything, we like the meat to be very airy and to melt in your mouth," Antonio said.

Since achieving the recognition, they have not stopped receiving new customers in their restaurants who want to try the Mike Burger. "It's been crazy, the phone is ringing off the hook and the burger bar is packed every day," Antonio said.

As to whether the Golden Grill Wild Wild Burger will remain on the menu, the chef said the idea is to keep it. He also said they will be back in the competition to contend next year: "We want to repeat this success and we will fight to be the best in Spain".

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