This weekend Bornos will host its Feria del Caracol (snail fair). SUR
Do you like the taste and texture of snails? There's a town in the south of Spain cooking over 5,000 kilos of them this weekend

Do you like the taste and texture of snails? There's a town in the south of Spain cooking over 5,000 kilos of them this weekend

The Feria del Caracol de Bornos in the Sierra de Cadiz is a unique opportunity to sample new dishes, watch snail-racing and enjoy lots more activities including live music

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Wednesday, 1 May 2024, 08:44


The Spanish town ofBornos, in the Andalucía region's Sierra de Cádiz will be celebrating its annual, traditional Feria del Caracol (snail fair) between 3 and 5 May. It is a gastronomic event dedicated solely to this mollusc that features in a good number of the activities on offer, including diverse recipes, all to be sampled to the delight of an ever-growing public attending the event.

Javier Vidal, second vice-president and provincial councillor responsible for Citizen Development, accompanied the mayor of Bornos Hugo Palomares for their presentation of the seventh snail fair. Vidal explained that the Diputación is once again collaborating with this event, which is very important to both the town and the surrounding area, as shown by the forecast that more than a thousand people will enjoy the fair over the weekend, which is good for the local economy as much as for tourism.

Hugo Palomares referred to this fair as "a benchmark in the province's gastronomy" and urged the public to visit Bornos and enjoy the more than five thousand kilos of common snails, burgados (cone-shaped snails) and cabrillas (Spanish snails) that will be cooked over the weekend in an "endless" array of different recipes, from the traditional snails in a broth, to those prepared with tomato sauce, cheese, carbonara style or even curried, among other dishes.

The mayor also announced that they are delighted to see that this year's snail fair will be welcoming an increase in the number of participating catering establishments, proving that the event is "looking healthy". Palomares also pointed out that the event will be held at the Castillo Palacio de los Ribera, a quality venue with its own added attractions worth seeing.

The programme of events will open on Friday 3 May at 1pm with the official opening and will continue until early evening on Sunday 5th with activities to suit all tastes.

There will be guided sightseeing tours, snail races, children's activities, competitions for participating traders, lots of culinarytastings, live music, DJ performances and recreational and baby-changing facilities for families.

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