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Campo de Gibraltar announces night-time water supply cuts
Drought crisis

Campo de Gibraltar announces night-time water supply cuts

According to the director of water company Argisa, "the worst-case scenario" that was put forward at a drought meeting in October has arrived

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Monday, 8 January 2024, 15:54


The president of the Mancomunidad de Municipios in the Campo de Gibraltar, the consortium of towns that comprises Tarifa, Jimena de la Frontera, San Martín del Tesorillo, Castellar de la Frontera, San Roque, Los Barrios, La Línea de la Concepción and Algeciras, has announced that from this Wednesday, 10 January, there will be a reduction in water pressure in the area depending on the time of day.

Susana Pérez Custodio explained that there will be a reduction in pressure between 6am and 11pm and a "drastic drop" between 11pm and 6am, depending on the location of the home or the company. "There will be areas where there will be a kind of trickle of water and others where the water supply will be cut totally due to the location," she said.

"For this reason, we especially ask for responsibility from consumers, since during those hours, from eleven at night to six in the morning, if there is a trickle of water in a home, we ask that the the restriction be total on the part of the users themselves," added the president of the Mancomunidad at a press conference on Monday.

Furthermore, she pointed out that there are certain uses of water that are banned, with serious legal consequences if this is not complied with, such as the watering of gardens and green areas, both public and private, the cleaning of roads, fountains, public showers, the filling of private swimming pools and the washing of vehicles outside authorised establishments.

Pérez Custodio has asked for the collaboration of the general public and the eight municipalities in the Mancomunidad, as "the different town halls have known since last week that the restrictions will begin on Wednesday 10th".

"We ask the eight town councils to work with the Mancomunidad, to keep their citizens informed and also to set an example in terms of restrictions and responsible water use," she added.

For his part, the delegate for Services at the Mancomunidad, Manuel Avellán, pointed out that there has been a "dramatic drought situation for almost five years and unfortunately the latest measure is the one that has to be adopted now, which directly affects the public".

"It is a measure that nobody likes to announce but which is absolutely necessary in the situation we are in," he added.

The director of Argisa, José Manuel Alcántara, explained that there is a critical level of 41.5 hectometres of water in the Charco Redondo and Guadarranque reservoirs and "today we are below that level", explaining that the "worst-case scenario" put on the table at a drought committee meeting in October had been reached "because it has hardly rained at all and, above all, the contribution to the reservoirs has been minimal".

In this sense, he added that these measures aim to achieve a saving of 20% in consumption. "This first set of measures and this first scenario of restrictions is intended to do just that, to see how things evolve between now and spring," he said.

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