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Cadiz, little Germany, but with more sun and beaches

Cadiz, little Germany, but with more sun and beaches

Nearly half of all foreign visitors to the province are of German nationality, although the total of overseas visitors remains below pre-pandemic figures while domestic tourism has really taken off in the last few years

Jesús Mejías


Monday, 13 May 2024, 21:12


The province of Cadiz broke all tourism-related records in 2023. In terms of the number of visitors staying in hotels, the figure was close to three million, with 2,906,511 tourists in 2023, a figure higher than the 2,691,778 in 2022 and, above all, beating the 2,791,986 tally for 2019, the year prior to the pandemic.

Thus, for the first time Cadiz has exceeded the total for hotel stays prior to the arrival of Covid-19. Data from Andalucía's regional government puts the total number of tourists for 2023 at 5.8 million, higher than the 5.4 million achieved in 2022 and the 5 million in 2019. As to the number of overnight stays (hotels plus other accommodation), the figure for 2023 was also higher than in 2022 and 2019 (8,190,828, up from 7,693,754 in 2022 and 8,014,966 in 2019).

Of the total number of tourists turning up in Cadiz province last year, up to 3,689,749 were Spanish nationals, while 2,010,031 were foreigners. Cadiz's provincial government has conducted a review of the last decade (2013-2023) of overseas tourism and published it. The figures are drawn from data from the National Institute of Statistics (INE) and the region's Junta, and they make for some interesting reading.

In 2023, 43.77% (897,910) of foreign tourists visiting the province of Cadiz were of German origin. In contrast, only 209,989 (10.44%) travellers from the UK chose Cadiz as a holiday destination in 2023. Other significant nationalities included 77,738 French (3.86%), 51,539 Americans (2.56%) and 48,235 Italians (2.39%). Altogether Germany, the UK, France, the USA and Italy were the five countries with the highest percentage of tourists in the province.

The data provided also showed that, over the last 10 years, a total of 2,316,876 Germans, 988,285 British, 715,352 French, 413,982 Americans, 455,707 Italians, 284,434 Portuguese, 229,416 Belgians, 102,720 Swedes and 34,215 Japanese visited the province of Cadiz.

Foreign tourism still below pre-pandemic figures

The growth of domestic tourism in recent years has meant that the figures for the province of Cadiz in 2023 have been much better than before the pandemic. In 2019 Cadiz welcomed 2,778,470 visitors from elsewhere in Spain, while in 2023 the figure rose to 3,689,749, an increase of 911,279 home tourists.

The picture is not so rosy when we turn to the data on foreign tourism. In 2019 a total of 986,880 visitors from other countries came to the province, but in 2023 the figure was 897,910, a difference of 88,970.

The year 2018 was the year with the highest presence of German tourists for the decade in question: some 291,877 Germans visited then compared to 2023 when 209,989 Germans arrived in Cadiz.

Portugal, Poland, Greece, Czech Republic and Luxembourg were the only five countries to bring more tourists to Cadiz in 2023 than in 2019, but these have lower totals. Tourists from countries such as France, Germany, the UK and Italy remained lower in numbers for 2023 than in 2019.

As announced by LA VOZ, the Diputación (Cadiz's provincial government) is working on attracting more British tourists through packages linked to fashion, culture, flamenco, golf and horses.

Jerez airport would have a prominent role within this proposal, especially with the possibility of securing a charter service with the British airline operator This airline has been operating in Almeria for more than five years. Almeria airport has similar characteristics to Jerez and handled 26,000 British tourists from this airline last season. Jet2 has already announced 8,000 more seats on sale for this summer. Cadiz wants to follow this model as it seeks to attract more Brits.

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