Diners toast to Enix at the Alkanzyya Restaurant IDEAL
This is the Andalusian village with more bars per inhabitant than anywhere else in Spain

This is the Andalusian village with more bars per inhabitant than anywhere else in Spain

With 11 eateries for a population of 690, the village enters the national Guinness record book

Javier Cortés


Friday, 26 January 2024, 15:21


Enix has more bars per 1,000 inhabitants than anywhere in Spain, new research shows.

The small municipality in Almeria province has only 690 inhabitants, according to data from the last municipal census. Previous research carried out by the Federación Española de Hostelería and Coca-Cola, showed that Sallent de Gallego was the municipality in Spain with the most bars per inhabitant. This small village in the Pyrenees of Huesca has 15.74 establishments per 1,000 inhabitants, a real winner, that is, until Enix emerged with an even higher figure, 15.94 bars per 1,000 inhabitants.

Enix is located east of Almeria city and boasts mountains (Sierra de Enix), a beach (Playa del Palmer), a rural school (which has been closed for 34 years) and its 11 bars. Mayor Álvaro Izquierdo told IDEAL newspaper, "Enix has always been known for its bars."

One of the most traditional bars is Bar Almería, which is a "lifelong" restaurant that has been run by the same family that opened it for years. Another eatery that stands out is Alkanziyya, a restaurant that has been open for a decade.

Asunción, owner and chef of Alkanziyya, prepares traditional and innovative dishes such as pork steaks, aubergines with honey, grilled chicken and desserts, among others. The locals warn that if you don't make a reservation in time for the weekend, you could miss the chance to dine there.

Another bar to go to in Enix is Las Tres Patas, a rural hotel. The owners of this hotel complex, apart from taking care of the accommodation, also run a pool bar and host concerts.

Pizzeria XDenix is another popular eatery. It offers gourmet hamburgers, ribs and steak. Meanwhile Bar Enix covers the lunch rush, with coffee in the afternoons and in the evenings. Other eateries such as Bar La Plaza de Enix, Parque de Aventura, Bar Las Minas, in El Marchal de Antón López and Chiringuito el Palmer are also a hit among locals and visitors. In the summer two more open: Chiringuito La Fuente and Bar La Piscina.


In 2019, Enix created an event which in a very short time has become a tradition: its migas competition. In the first year there were around 700 people taking part and in 2023 there were more than 1,000 people. Participants bring their own pots and pans, but Enix town hall provides the ingredients: water, flour, oil, vegetables and wine.

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