La Jacaranda, an artists' retreat in Andalucía

La Jacaranda, an artists' retreat in Andalucía

Eva, Ian de la Rosa, Nahuel and Anna have made it possible for this house, in Níjar (Almeria), to become a source of inspiration and creativity for many artists

Nerea Escámez


Monday, 8 January 2024, 17:09


Almeria has been, is and continues to be a land of inspiration for emerging artists. From singer David Bisbal who, wherever he goes, praises how much his homeland helps him grow as an artist, to film directors such as Italian Sergio Leone, who created an oasis of inspiration with his 'spaghetti westerns' in the desert of Tabernas where series, films or commercials are still shot to this day.

Fuelled by this inspiration, three local artists, film director and scriptwriter Ian de la Rosa, the creator of Farrucas, a short film that was nominated for the Goya Awards; visual artist Eva Rodríguez; and actor and theatre producer Nahuel Cardozo have created La Jacaranda. This house in Níjar, located between the village and the mountains, offers a space, or in other words, a retreat, where artists can create or finish projects.

The idea, on the part of the team, is that La Jacaranda "will be a space for getting together and artistic creation", Nahuel Cardozo told Ideal.

The initial project started after the Covid-19 pandemic when lockdown kept people in their homes. "After the whole period of lockdown, Ian, Eva and I got together and thought about what to do with our lives and how we could find a place for ourselves after so long at home," he said.

So they set to work and found a property that was already called La Jacaranda. "The name was already there when we found the house; we decided to keep it in recognition of the space that welcomed us, because it has a very special connection for us," he said, referring to the jacaranda tree, a tropical species that produces purple flowers.

"Its seeds have the shape of a shell and from there they all fly, which causes more jacarandas to grow, so, in a way, the project of this artistic residency is like placing a seed and it expanding to other places in the world," said Cardozo.

With this creative objective, Eva, Ian, Nahuel and, now with the recent incorporation of artist Anna Cornudella, live "intermittently" in this house where they can develop both the property and their own personal projects.

"We don't consider ourselves cultural managers, we believe in what La Jacaranda can contribute to our creations and yours. That's why we are open to exchange and creative growth," said the team member.

Evolution during one year

Since it opened its doors to local, but also international talent, La Jacaranda has seen around ten people pass through its doors.

"In such a paradisiacal place as Níjar and its surroundings, it helps artists to start, advance or finish new projects," Nahuel said, highlighting the benefits offered by this village not far from Almeria city.

"Calm and tranquillity are two essential factors for everything to flow," he said. La Jacaranda is a point of union so that "artists from different disciplines can get together, share feedback; with these meetings they can feel supported and listen to or receive opinions about their projects".

In addition, they have "a wonderful network of local artists with whom we can put people in contact for any kind of joint project", he added, in the sense that "there is connection at La Jacaranda".

Nahuel stressed the importance of having a space "for the development of joint projects and a place to receive people from other parts of Spain and artists from all over the world so that they can create in their own disciplines".

Grants for creators

La Jacaranda also invites applications for grants, without restrictions of origin or age, aimed at creators who want to carry out research or creative work in any artistic discipline. With a fixed duration of three weeks, which includes space, food and accommodation, at the end the guest will hold an open exhibition of the work carried out.

"When it ends, two projects are selected," in the belief that "it is important to get feedback and for the projects to grow", explained Cardozo, who is pleased to see how artists who, a priori, are not from the same discipline, come together for joint projects.

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