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Junta to inspect food labelling of more than 1,000 products in Andalucía during 2024
Consumer affairs

Junta to inspect food labelling of more than 1,000 products in Andalucía during 2024

The checks are aimed at ensuring compliance with regulations affecting products marketed in Andalucía


Friday, 5 April 2024, 12:19


The directorate-general for consumer affairs at Andalucía's regional government has been carrying out since February a general inspection campaign on food information and food quality for 2024, which includes a review of the labelling of at least 1,043 food products.

The inspection is being done by provincial consumer services and will continue to year end. Specifically, these checks aim to control compliance with regulations affecting food products marketed in Andalucía, thus guaranteeing consumer rights to accurate information.

The department made the point that, by taking samples for lab analysis, they can check for the existence of any alteration, adulteration or fraud being committed in the world of food. In addition, checks will be carried out in retail outlets located within municipal food markets and in trading places where imported food products are sold.

Inspections will be carried out on packaged and loose food items. They will also focus on the labelling of fish, fruit and veg, take-away food and food labelled as gluten-free (GF), in particular that the regulation affecting citrus fruits is followed.

They will also seek to verify that the information provided on foodstuffs is not misleading or confusing, but is "accurate, clear and easy" for consumers to understand, including: country of origin or place of provenance; instructions for use; list of ingredients and also a use-by date.

This inspection is just one of several food-inspection campaigns within a wider inspection plan led by the regional authority. Around 2,000 checks are in the pipeline. These include quality checks on all Iberian cold meat cuts and all honey products. This work is in addition to the national inspection campaign falling under the National Plan for Official Control of the Food Chain 2021-2025.

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