At least 1,000 eateries will be inspected this year.
Compliance officers to inspect 1,000 restaurants across Andalucía this year

Compliance officers to inspect 1,000 restaurants across Andalucía this year

In the last consumer protection campaign, Junta staff detected incidents of non-compliance in 116 cases, 17.9% of the total restaurants checked

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Tuesday, 9 May 2023


At least 1,000 restaurants will be inspected this year as part of the Andalucia regional government’s consumer compliance campaign.

The Junta's inspection plan was launched last year in a bid to check restaurants are following regional guidelines on taxes and fair pricing, make complaint forms accessible, and are not selling unauthorisied products.

Officers also check whether restaurants are complying with the quality standards for olive and olive-pomace oils, and are following regulations on allergens and food intolerances, according to a note issued by the Junta on Sunday, 8 May.

Officers will also check that invoices or proof of payments can be provided, that the establishment can prove the traceability of its products, that unpackaged water is offered free of charge, and that, if the service of bread and snacks are charged, then its cost is reflected in the menu or price list.

2022 inspections

The inspection campaign carried out in 2022 resulted in 1,183 inspections in 642 restaurants across the region. Non-compliance was detected in 116 cases, 17.9% of the total.

The incidents of non-compliance were mostly related to a lack of complaint and claims form available in eateries; food and beverage prices that were not displayed; and food and beverage menus or price lists not located both outside and inside the restaurant.

The Junta de Andalucía pointed out that people could contact Consumo Responde, a free information and advice service for consumers and users, if they have any doubts or queries regarding consumer affairs.

It can be accessed via telephone on 900 21 50 80, the website, the e-mail; and the Twitter (@consumoresponde), Facebook ( and Instagram (@consumoresponde) profiles.

Advice can also be obtained at the territorial delegations of Health and Consumer Affairs in all provincial cities, as well as at the municipal consumer information offices (OMIC), and at consumer and user organisations.


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