A change in the weather hits Andalucía this Monday afternoon

Aemet says rain will be heaviest in Cadiz and Seville provinces

The Aemet weather agency has warned that temperatures will drop and there will be rain in Andalucía this Monday afternoon (2 January), especially in the west of the region.

Rain is expected to be heaviest in Cadiz and Seville provinces and Aemet has said that up to 15 litres per square metre could fall in just one hour.

In Malaga province, the weather agency is forecasting a 55%-65% likelihood of rain, with temperatures reaching no higher than 21C and an overnight low of 12C.

Temperatures are expected to drop nearly everywhere in Spain, but especially in the Meseta Norte and Extremadura.

In the area around the Strait of Gibraltar and the Alborán sea the winds will mostly be from the west but in general will not be strong, Aemet has said.