File photo of the calima in Malaga last March / PHOTO: SALVADOR SALAS / VIDEO: ATLAS

The calima returns to Andalucía with the worst expected at the weekend

The Saharan sand haze will be accompanied by unusually high temperatures for the time of the year


The dreaded calima haze, with Saharan sand dust in suspension, is returning to the south of Spain. But this time it will be accompanied by high temperatures instead of precipitation that fell as muddy rain in spring which left terraces and facades dyed red.

The haze was already noticeable on Wednesday, 18 May, and it will increase in the coming days, especially in Andalucía and the south of Murcia, with the highest concentration of dust in suspension expected at the weekend. The new calima will clearly affect the air quality but it is not expected to be as strong as that of last March.

Warnings for high temperatures

Temperatures will also rise for the weekend, with maximums above 30 degrees across practically the whole of the Spanish mainland. In Malaga the heat will not be as suffocating, but in other Andalusian provinces such as Seville or Granada the thermometers could approach 40 degrees. The suspended dust in the calima can help keep temperatures down.

Today, Thursday 19 May, there are already several Andalusian provinces with warnings for high temperatures. Spain’s Met Office, Aemet, has activated yellow warnings in Cordoba, Granada, Jaén and Seville, which will reach 38 degrees Celsius. In addition, it has activated the yellow warning for rough seas in Cadiz and Almeria, where the Levante wind will blow with force 7.