These are the places in Andalusia where it will rain mud. Ideal

These are the parts of the south of Spain that will have the most 'calima' sand haze and muddy rain in the next few hours

A cold front will leave rain with deposits of mud in several provinces of the Andalucía region this Sunday, 7 April, according to Meteored weather experts

Alberto Flores


Sunday, 7 April 2024, 11:53


This weekend the weather in the Andalucía region in the south of Spain has been marked by two phenomena: on the one hand a large influx of suspended dust from the Sahara and on the other a mass of subtropical air which has caused temperatures to reach summer-like highs of 30C.

And this Sunday we have to add one more phenomenon, as a cold front will affect practically the whole of the Spanish mainland, causing the heat to subside a little and «blood rain» to fall in some areas.

«We will continue to have Saharan dust clouding the atmosphere but the cold front that will appear in the west of the mainland will cause temperatures to drop a little,» Francisco Martín, meteorologist at weather portal Meteored, explained to IDEAL, a sister newspaper of SUR. And not only will it do that, but it will also leave rain in several parts of Andalucía.

These rains could sweep across the region from west to east, although it is most likely that they will be concentrated mainly in the provinces of the western half of Andalucía. In fact, the provinces that will be most affected will be Huelva, Seville, Cadiz and Cordoba, with the rest of the region less likely to be hit.

«Storms like Nelson will move up to higher latitudes and we will start to have periods of spring-like weather»

Precipitation, due to the strong presence of suspended dust in the atmosphere, will be accompanied by deposits of mud. And temperatures, as the meteorologist points out, will be lower, with maximum temperatures of around 24C throughout Andalucía.

Will it continue to rain next week?

After today's rainfall, from Monday there will be a new change in the weather in Andalucía, with the rains easing and temperatures returning to normal.

«We are going to have a more normal spring from now on», Martín said. «The storms like Nelson will move up to higher latitudes and we will begin to have periods of spring weather without atypical fronts like the ones we have had over the last few days,» he concluded.

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