A helicopter airlifted the man and woman to hospital in Malaga / SUR

British man seriously injured in fall after terrace rail fails

The 68-year-old fell from a height of more than four metres in La Herradura when the railing on which he was leaning came loose, also seriously injuring a woman below

Jennie Rhodes

A 68-year-old British man has been seriously injured in Calle Enebro, in the Cármenes del Mar area of in La Herradura (Granada province) after falling four metres when the railing of a terrace on which he was leaning came loose. The man fell on to a woman, who was also seriously injured.

The accident happened at approximately 6pm on Wednesday evening (15 June). A helicopter landed on the Las Tejas football pitch in La Herradura, where an ambulance crew also attended to the injured people.

After the medical inspection on the field the man and woman were flown by helicopter to hospital in Malaga to undergo surgery for fractures and serious injuries.

No more information is known, at the moment, about the condition of the man or woman.