File image of a rescue simulation in Granada's Sierra Nevada. alfredo aguilar
Bodies of two women found in Andalucía's Sierra Nevada

Bodies of two women found in Andalucía's Sierra Nevada

The grim discovery was made in Granada province early this Tuesday afternoon, 13 December, by a passer by who found the corpses of the foreign pair, aged 55 and 57

José Ramón Villalba


Tuesday, 13 December 2022, 18:33


The bodies of two women have been found near the Albergue Universitario in the Sierra Nevada in Granada, in the area known as Hoya de la Mora. The alarm was raised by a passer-by early this Tuesday afternoon, 13 December.

There were no signs of them having suffered violence and it is thought that they may have frozen to death, although an autopsy will have to be carried out to confirm the cause of death.

The women were both Hungarian, aged 55 and 57. The initial hypothesis is that they had been hiking in the mountains over the weekend and were surprised by the intense snowfall. Tired and disoriented, they may have collapsed and died from hypothermia. However, at present this has not been confirmed. The authorities do not yet know where they were staying or living in Granada.

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