Contactless technology has become more popular since the pandemic. / sur

Andalucía to introduce new dual-chip 'contactless' health cards

The cards will work in a similar way to those issued by banks and the Junta is spending 2.35 million euros to replace as many existing cards as possible


The Junta de Andalucía has announced that it is to issue new health cards with a dual chip which will enable patients to use them in a ‘contactless’ manner, in a similar way to bank cards. It has assigned 2.35 million euros to renew as many existing cards as possible.

The card is used to access the health system in Andalucía and for identification purposes for other services provided by Spain’s National Health Service. Every resident of the region who is entitled to health care has the right to one of these cards, and each one is unique to an individual.

Their health service number and identification data are printed on the magnetic band on the card and are also contained in the chip. The cards are needed to obtain prescriptions from pharmacies and for health service staff to access medical details.

The Junta says that contactless technology is becoming a generalised trend and more popular since the pandemic. These new cards will also speed up the process of obtaining prescriptions from chemists.