The green and white flag of Andalucía. / sur

December 4th has been declared the Day of the Andalusian Flag

It will not be a public holiday nor replace Andalucía Day on 28 February, but Junta president Juanma Moreno said the date is an important one for the region and should be commemorated


Andalucía is to have its own Flag Day, which will be celebrated on 4 December each year, the president of the Junta, Juanma Moreno, told the regional parliament on Thursday.

He was anxious to explain that this will not replace Andalucía Day on 28 February but will be in addition to it. “We want to commemorate both dates on our difficult path to Autonomy and our Statute of Autonomy,” he announced.

He also said that 4 December had been chosen because it was “an important date for our region” as “thousands of people called for full autonomy for Andalucía” on that date.

The proposal to celebrate a special Day of the Andalusian Flag was made by Alejandro Rojas Marcos, one of the founders of the Partido Andalucista political party, last week.