Bernal and De Aguilar at a presentation of the digital nomad campaign. SUR
Andalucía unveils plan to woo digital nomads

Andalucía unveils plan to woo digital nomads

A one-million-euro campaign seeks to attract digital nomads from northern and central Europe, and senior managers and executives who can work remotely

Pilar Martínez


Friday, 16 December 2022, 17:42


The regional minister of Tourism, Culture and Sport, Arturo Bernal, has presented a campaign to attract digital nomads to Andalucía. With an investment of 950,000 euros, it focuses on those under 40 years old who can work remotely, as well as retirees and people with senior positions and managers, who are looking to escape the winter months in northern and central Europe.

Bernal said that the campaign, approved last November by the Junta, aims to attract new visitor profiles to Andalucía out of the summer season.

The minister said the campaign would target those who “due to the high cost of energy, are considering looking for warmer destinations this winter for a longer holiday than usual, which will allow them to save on heating and to live in the best place in the world, which is none other than Andalucía."

He also said that the 'digital nomads' plan specifically seeks to attract British citizens, who already have a second home in Andalucía.

The campaign, which will run until April 2023, invites these new visitors to "come and spend long periods of time here, to establish their residence here ... and to pay their taxes in Andalucía, so that this will benefit our economy".

The Junta considers that the initiative will market the Andalucía brand in a dozen countries. Bernal added that it encourages quality tourism, linked to long stays and a high average spend by the traveller.

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