Work has started to extend Almuñécar's San Cristobal promenade SUR
Almuñécar's San Cristóbal promenade to be extended

Almuñécar's San Cristóbal promenade to be extended

The investment amounts to 100,000 euros and work should be complete before Christmas

Jennie Rhodes

Friday, 11 November 2022, 20:12


Work has started to extend the San Cristóbal promenade along the area known as Cuesta de China Gorda in Almuñécar (Granada province). The councillor for maintenance, Beatriz González, visited the works earlier this week where she said that the purpose of the extension is "to continue to pave the Paseo de San Cristóbal and improve the area by providing new lighting and new pavements.”

She went on to say, “Damage to the parking area will also be repaired and repaved. The improvement of the pavements along the entire length of the road goes from the end of the San Cristóbal promenade to the Cuesta de China Gorda.” The work is expected to be finished before Christmas.

The project is being carried out by the company Geocaminos with an investment of around 100,000 euros from the provincial authority, the Diputación, as part of its 2021 cash surplus grant.



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