Mayor Trinidad Herrera and Councillor Francisco Fernández unveiling the plaque / SUR

Almuñécar remembers local prisoners of war

A plaque was unveiled on the town’s Paseo del Altillo, with the names of those who died in Nazi concentration camps

Jennie Rhodes

A plaque was unveiled on Almuñécar’s Paseo del Altillo on Friday to coincide with International Holocaust Remembrance Day, which was held on Thursday 27 January.

The plaque bears the name of four people from the town who lost their lives in Nazi concentration camps during the 1930s and 40s. Those remembered are: Heraldo Muñoz Puyol, Antonio García Ribas, Juan Cubero Guarda and Miguel Martín Arellano.

Representatives from the town hall, including Almuñécar's mayor, Trinidad Herrera and councillor Francisco Fernández, were joined by local residents for a simple ceremony during which all Spaniards who suffered at the hands of the Nazi regime were also remembered.

In her speech, Herrera said: "Political problems should never lead to situations like those experienced during that time and this is why we have to remember history, so as not to repeat it.”

The United Nations (UN) designated January 27—the anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau—as International Holocaust Remembrance Day. Each year it encourages countries to honour victims of the Holocaust and of the Nazi regime and to develop educational programmes to help prevent further genocides.

Councillor Francisco Fernández gave a speech during the ceremony / sur