Trinidad Herrera resigned as mayor on Wednesday to take up a seat in Andalucía's regional government / sur

Mayor resigns after winning a seat in Andalucía's regional elections

A new mayor will be elected in Almuñécar on Tuesday 28 June and Beatriz González Orce will hold the post until then

Jennie Rhodes

Almuñécar town hall, in Granada province, will hold an extraordinary council meeting on Tuesday 28 June to elect a new mayor, following the resignation of Trinidad Herrera Lorente who won a seat on Andalucía’s regional government during last Sunday’s elections.

Beatriz González Orce has assumed the post of acting mayor until that date.

Herrera officially resigned on Wednesday, having been elected as a member of parliament in last Sunday's Andalusian regional elections. "This will force me to be absent repeatedly from the town hall and my intention is not to interfere with the normal functioning of the council and that is the reason for the urgency of this plenary session," said Herrara, who has been mayor of the town for 11 years. She will continue as a councillor.

She went on to say that being mayor had been “an honour” and thanked the people of Almuñécar and town hall colleagues: "To all those who contribute with their work and labour to the development of our town and to whom I owe so much, thank you very much."

Herrera was given a standing ovation by the members of the local government team, which brought the plenary session to a close before she went on to officially sign the resignation papers.

Beatriz González Orce is acting mayor until next Tuesday / SUr