After much-needed rain, temperatures in south of Spain set to shoot up as high as 26C this week

After much-needed rain, temperatures in south of Spain set to shoot up as high as 26C this week

The weather is predicted to take a dramatic turn with the arrival of a ridge of subtropical air to the Spanish mainland

Almudena Nogués


Tuesday, 12 March 2024, 07:43


Goodbye Monica... Hello spring! After the passage of the storm that left winter weather this weekend, accompanied by various warnings for rain, wind and coastal phenomena, some weather stability will return to Malaga province and the Costa del Sol this week. As the experts explain, "the meteorological scenario will take a dramatic turn in Spain with the arrival of subtropical air."

"A weak anticyclonic ridge will become established starting Tuesday, interrupted briefly by the passage of a small 'Dana' (high level depression in the higher levels of the atmosphere) through parts of the south. After the passage of this depression, the ridge will rebuild again on Friday to be replaced by a new wave of high temperatures in the subsequent days. We are already entering a spring situation," said Duncan Wingen, meteorologist at the specialised portal Meteored.

The weekend rain - which in the case of Malaga did a key job in alleviating the drought situation (initial official data projects a gain of 9 hectometres in the reservoirs) the province faces spring-like in mid-March March. The week will be warm throughout Spain except for the Pyrenees and the summits. Maximum temperatures will exceed 20C on the southeastern Mediterranean coast, in the Guadalquivir Valley and in the Canary Islands," Meteored advised.

Where will it be warmest?

Where will see the highest temperatures? The weather portal points to cities in Andalucía, the Murcia and Valencia regions, "where 26C could be reached or even exceeded on Sunday".

In Malaga province, which includes the Costa del Sol, the forecast from Spain's weather agency (Aemet) predicts a rise in both the minimum temperatures - which will climb to the 16C expected on Sunday in Malaga city - and the maximums, which will be around 24 degrees from Friday onwards. No showers or strong gusts of wind are expected from today (Tuesday) onwards.

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