Part of the excavation of the Roman settlement in Fuengirola. / SUR

Guided tours of the Roman town of Suel

A total of eight free tours have been organised to take place during November

Tony Bryant

Fuengirola town hall has launched a new initiative to promote the town's cultural heritage with a series of free guided tours of the ancient settlement of Suel.

The site, which is located on the slopes of the Sohail Castle, is currently being excavated by a team of archaeologists who have discovered remains that date back to the third century CE.

The archaeological project consists of six phases. Currently, excavations continue in the area around the castle, where the archaeologists have carried out restoration of the structures located so far.

The castle was built in 956 by the Caliph Abderramán III and sits above the area where the Roman town is thought to have been located - between the coast line and the mouth of the Sohail River.

Evidence of the Roman town comes from a column pedestal used in the castle's construction. The column records the name of Suel, and also that the town was granted municipal status in CE 53, acquiring a certain importance in the Bética region as a result.

A total of eight tours have been organised twice daily (11am and 12am) on 19, 20, 26 and 27 November. Each tour lasts approximately 30 minutes and groups will be limited to 25 people.

Register: or call: 952589349.