Galicia reached 49C. / EP

Spain swelters with unusually high temperatures but Malaga's coast avoids the worst

Weather warnings were issued across the country, including Andalucia, with some regions seeing close to 50 degrees


Even though July is normally sweltering, people in Spain have had to cope with exceptionally high temperatures this week. Red weather warnings were activated again for large parts of the country including Andalucía. The province of Malaga, however, remained cooler.

In Ourense, in the northwestern region of Galicia, temperature boards were showing as high as 49 degrees on Tuesday and some northern regions were having the hottest July weather for 50 years.

Emergency services advised vulnerable people to avoid leaving the house.

The unusual heatwave has been caused by a high pressure centred over the British Isles and forecasters said it would start to move away again from this Saturday.