The payment is to help the less well-off to cope with rising food prices. / sur

Who will benefit and how to apply for the 200-euro ‘food cheque’ announced by Spanish government?

The measure, approved on Tuesday as part of the latest anti-crisis package, consists of a one-off payment for families with low income


The Spanish government’s latest anti-crisis plan which was approved on Tuesday includes some new measures, including a one-off payment of 200 euros for families with income of less than 27,000 euros a month and assets worth no more than 75,000 euros. The measure is expected to help over four million households.

Although the full details are yet to be announced, it is foreseeable that applications for the 200-euro cheque will be made in the same way as for the last grant which came into force in July last year: those wishing to apply should be able to do so from 15 February onwards by filling in a form on the Hacienda tax agency website.

Hacienda will study the details and check the financial details provided on the form against the applicant’s tax returns. It will then either approve or reject the application, and those who are eligible for the 200 euros will receive the money by transfer into their bank account.