Fuengirola is enjoying economic recovery after the pandemic. / SUR

Fuengirola closes 2022 with lowest unemployment rate in 14 years

There are currently a total of 5,654 job seekers in the municipality, some 1,039 fewer than a year ago, which mayor Ana Mula claims is 'a reason for pride and joy'

Tony Bryant

Fuengirola has reaffirmed its economic recovery by closing 2022 with the best level of employment it has seen in the last fourteen years. There are currently a total of 5,654 job seekers in the municipality, 1,039 fewer than a year ago, and 107 fewer than the previous month.

The unemployment rate in Fuengirola in December 2022 stood at 6.79 per cent of the population, compared to 8.29 per cent in the same month fourteen years ago.

In 2008, just over 68,000 people resided in Fuengirola, while now there are more than 83,000 registered inhabitants.

The town’s mayor, Ana Mula, claimed that these figures are “a reason for pride and joy”, adding that this has been made possible due to the joint effort of companies and freelancers, along with initiatives developed by the department of Training and Job Creation.

Prosperous town

She also declared that it was her “priority” to continue working with the business sector to create greater employment opportunities in the future.

“Fuengirola is a prosperous town desired by everyone to live in, and this creates jobs and opportunities to undertake entrepreneurial initiatives. The pandemic was a severe setback for world economy, and of course, for ours. However, since we were able to resume activity, we have been observing a constant recovery, which has led us, not only to recover the jobs lost with the coronavirus crisis, but to have the best figures since 2008,” Mula said.